Written in the stars / Egs

title: Written in the stars
artist: Egs
year: 2015
medium: ink on paper
size: ± 80 x 60 cm
(frame not included)

Egs is the most internationally recognized Finnish graffiti artist. His career started in Helsinki during the late 80’s and was part of the country’s first graffiti wave.
Egs sees his art as an anthropological research into graffiti. At first he searched for every piece of graffiti in his own neighbourhood, then in the rest of Helsinki before heading to meet and paint with like minded writers in all corners of Europe. During the past 25 years he has extended his travels to five continents and has painted in over 40 countries. He has sought inspiration in local graffiti scenes worldwide and collected global graffiti folklore for his own art.
“Every wave, star, drip or block I have ever painted can be traced to this attitude of graffiti anthropologist. Every fade is reminiscent of some graffiti that I have seen. Every 3d or bubble has a story to tell. Every piece I’ve done pays an homage to the great graffiti folklore.” -Egs

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