'Unruly Suspects' group show
March 2017

February 2016

'Zero Untolerance' By Niels Shoe Meulman
December 2015

Unruly group show 2015 at Dog and Pony
January 2015

Crime Time Kings:  BANDO/MODE2/SHOE
Juni 2014

'Ununiverse' By Matthew Skjonsberg and Niels Shoe Meulman.
December 2013

Art in Redlight Art Fair, Beurs van Berlage
Amsterdam December 2013

'Street Fart' By The Why Style Collective
December 2013

'Pigeon Portraits' By Adele Renault and Lisa Roze
November 2013

BLOOM Art Fair, Colgne,
November 2013

Solo exhibition: 'How do you Doodle?' By Henny Overbeek
October 2013

Solo exhibition: New etchings and drawings by Paul Du Bois-Reymond
September 2013

Solo exhibition: 'Subtractions' By Steve More
Augustus 2013

Solo exhibition: 'Youth Wars' By Wayne Horse
July 2013

Solo exhibition: Jasper Daniel Kerke
June 2013

Solo exhibition: 'Words Fail' By Warren Lewis
May 2013

Solo exhibition and Book Launch: Nug
April 2013

Solo exhibition: Egs
November 2012

Group exhibition: 'We The Artists' Portratis by Peter Kempff, Aldert Mantje, Adele Renault, Menno Schenk
September 2012

Solo exhibition and Book Launch: Rae Martini
July 2012

Solo exhibition: Pyrography By Arno Coenen
May 2012

Solo exhibition: 'When the shit hits the windmill' By Petro
December 2011

Solo exhibition: Vincent van de Waal
September 2011

Solo exhibition: 'Etching The Universe' By Paul Du Bois-Reymond
July 2011

Solo exhibition: New Paintings by Quick (Lin Felton)
June 2011

Unruly Group Show 2011
May 2011