Vincent de Boer (Utrecht, 1988) is fascinated by all aspects of the brush stroke in his creative process. The complexity of a movement and the simplicity of the result, or vice versa, and everything in between. Virtuosity is developed through a thorough comprehension of an instrument, and the creative expression is improved by such knowledge. Through his background in calligraphy De Boer values directness and a high contrast, but above all attention and honesty. After all: the specifics of a single brush stroke cannot be replicated. With this in mind, a sketch may become the final artwork.

Whether it is a work from the studio, or a large mural on the streets, these values are omnipresent in the work of De Boer and gives his work an autonomous and contemporary approach to an age old craft. He hereby creates a playing field where both improvisation and systematic planning, as well as grand gestures and small details, are welcomed and championed.

The series of One Stroke paintings has a special approach to image making. All movements are done with one or few contact moments with the paper. In this way, the tension and energy of that moment defines the result. Some works were complete improvisations while others were the result of long practise and could be seen as brush choreographies.


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