Untitled / Paul Du Bois Reymond

Title : Untitled
Artist : Paul Du Bois Reymond
Year : 2021
Medium : Oil pastel on linen
Size : 70 x 100cm


Paul du Bois-Reymond (1974, Berlin) is a visual artist and graphic designer who lives and works in Amsterdam. He is part of design duo Machine, famous for their dazzlings record sleeve designs.

In 2011 Paul du Bois-Reymond (PDBR) amazed the art world with his etchings for the first time. The extraordinary quality of his detailed pieces did not go unnoticed. Ernst van de Wetering –the world's leading authority on Rembrandt– acquired a large piece. More recently, Paul has been creating vibrant and technical works on linen.

PDBR: "I'm interested in typography becoming abstract imagery, in creating intriguing and complex visual structures and in simply indulging myself and the viewer in endless graphic possibilities."