Tecken, one action leads to another 2 / Anders Reventlov


title: Tecken, one action leads to another
artist: Anders Reventlov
year: 2014
medium: Lithografi print on paper, edition of 10
size: ± 77 x 54 cm

- - -

For Anders Reventlov ('84) it all started in the provincial town of Bredballe, Denmark, in 1996 in the gloom and darkness of the night along train tracks. It was here where an unstoppable lust for adventure mixed with a lust for drawing, the starting point for a long adrenaline-filled journey. Reventlov was admitted to the Art Academy and thought he should get rid of graffiti forever. Ever since picking up his first spray can, and right up until today, Reventlov is deeply involved in the world-wide graffiti culture. Using it actively in both his own art practice and his work as a curator. With his in-depth and detailed knowledge of the many aspects of graffiti and street art, Reventlov is a wandering encyclopedia, mixing the historical material with playful and experimental reflections in his work.

The artistic journey that began with name writing has led to exhibitions at museums and galleries in Denmark as well as Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Japan and the Netherlands. Anders Reventlov’s works are included in the Danish Art foundations collection.

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