title: Symptomatic series
artist: Saber
year: 2021
medium: Water based spray and Charcoal Pencil with hand deckled edges.
size: ± 74 x 43 cm


Saber is an American fine artist, coming from a graffiti background. In 1997, when he was only 21, he created the world’s largest graffiti piece, nearly the size of a football field, on the bank of the LA River. It took him 35 nights to complete this work, and was monumentally documented by satellites in space. Throughout his career, Saber has dedicated his work to helping bring public awareness to the true art form of graffiti, in all of its raw and controversial forms. A whole generation of artists and graphic designers was influenced by the artist, as he became an influential part of pop culture and art involved in social reform.

In 2010, Saber directed all of his energy towards high profile political activism. Furious about the sense of social injustice within the US health system, he released a video of him painting graffiti over a replica of the American flag in an attempt to emphasize the inadequacies of the system.

Besides the highly controversial aspects of his art, there is a commercial side, and it is no secret. The artist believes that an average person should be able to appreciate his paintings, even if they have little knowledge about art. This is a key aspect to his work. This idea rings true within his work as his artworks can be found in both galleries and private collections around the world. No matter the motive or the subject of his art, Saber never stops generating public conversations about the boundaries of art, all the while moving them further away.


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