Ronan Dillon

Ronan Dillon is a Dublin born artist, living on the west coast of Ireland. Coming from an urban upbringing and a designer background, Dillon is drawn to the inconspicuous artistry of the rural. Here, he has utilised his outsider’s eyes to capture the wildness of the land, through a new and daring perspective.

Dillon is particularly inspired by the uninhibitedness of farmer's marks, their unconscious and reasoned actions creating something raw and beautiful. The artist's novel and innovative observations capture the sublime in the common, the everyday, the forgotten about and do so simply, colourfully, and effortlessly.

He is also co-founder of design studio me&him&you where he has worked on art and design projects for organisations including Jameson, Facebook, Burning Man, Metropolis Festival, The Design and Crafts Council of Ireland and The Science Gallery.


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