title: Portrait of Neptune
artist: Vanessa Navarrete
year: 2022
medium: Latex, oil and acrylic on canvas
size: ± 50 x 40 cm


Vanessa lives and works in Chicago, USA. A transplant from North Florida where she was raised beside the wild Atlantic ocean. Navarrete feels she is channeling some of the same wild energy in her experimental paintings. Even more so, the city life has fuled her passion fro street inspired 'post vandalism'. Large scale or small, Navarrete is emulating the human layering she observes on the walls of alleys. There's something so unassuming and yet so mysterious about a wall that has been vandalized, its often every bit as beautiful and complex as the great masters we observe in museums. Currently, she is working on a series that explores the connection we have to animals and to each other, feeling that humanity is on a circular pathway to return to our more primal instincts, even as technology threatens to alienate us.


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