Love and Hate - Hand Finished Edition / SOEMone


title: Love and Hate
artist: SOEMone
year: 2018
medium: Hand finished edition of 3 colour silk screen print on 250 grams Natural White paper
edition of 6
signed by the artist
size: ± 50 x 70 cm

Please note that all pieces are unique. If you have a specific choice, please enquire with us to order your preference.
- - -

"The title of my print is Love & Hate. It's based on my studio work, where there is always a confrontation between emotions. Sometime lovely, sometime brutal. It's not about figurative writing but instead more based on emotional abstract writing, something that I’ve been exploring in my work over the last months. "

- SOEMone, 2018

"I had never met the artist Pierre Doucin, better known as Soemone, but knew right away –when selecting 25 Calligraffiti Ambassadors in 2015– that he would be a cool addition with a fresh perspective. When he came to Amsterdam to deliver some new works on paper for Unruly Gallery, he impressed us not only with the pieces but also the delicate way he spoke about them. Not to mention the white gloves that he brought with him for handling the paper. This artist from the west of France somehow manages to combine a tender finesse within grand gestural strokes and does so, not only for galleries and museums, but also on the inside and outside of abandoned buildings forming architectural comments. For Calligraffiti’s 10th-anniversary series Soemone created a unique fusion of gesture, juxtaposition and screen printing with a bright, yet elegant color palette. "
– Niels Shoe Meulman, 2018