Jeroen Huijbregts (1975) is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. After more than 15 years in the creative industry, where he earned his stripes at various ad agencies, Jeroen decided to take a different route in his career and express his creativity outside his current working environment.

Jeroen has always found a rich source of inspiration in the things that mattered most to him when he was a child: comic books, cartoon and movies from the 70s and 80s. His work consist of taking the iconic characters and scenes from these different mediums and reinterpret them in new, unexpected settings. This results in unique concepts and mash-ups, which are often sketched in a digital environment and later transformed onto paper or canvas through pens, markers and pencils. In 2014 one of his designs, titled 'Marge Monster', became a hit on Instagram, which exposed his work to people from all over the globe. In return, Jeroen was introduced to a scene that was previously unknown to him: American bootleg culture. This culture consist of talented designers who take well loved and know cultural icons and reinvent them by placing them into modern pop culture. Many of these artists recognized Jeroen's unique skill and thought process and he quickly became a part of an upcoming part of pop culture that expresses itself through t-shirts, pins, stickers and patches.


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