I can smell spray paint (purple, yellow) / Petro


artist: Petro
title: I Can Smell Spray Paint
year: 2021
medium: 2 Colour Screen Print with hand embellishments - White somerset satin paper 300gsm
size: ± 70 x 50 cm

We are thrilled to release a new limited edition print by Petro with Unruly Gallery this month. Petro, or Duncan Weston, is one of the UK's most innovative and emulated graffiti artists. Petro began writing graffiti in the 1980s and has since moved into contemporary art, working through painting, sculpture, printmaking and installation. This print speaks of a time when acquiring spray paint wasn't so easy, in a time before graffiti stores were around. His work carries a nostalgia and youthful exuberance that reflects on the adventure of finding these tools and making them yours.