I AM JUST TRYING TO BE NICE (unruly edition) / NUG

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artist: NUG
title: I am just trying to be nice
Book (full color, 64 pages, 31x22 cm)

Special Unruly edition of 100.
Signed and numbered on the back.
Every cover is a unique piece of artwork.

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Nug has been a well-known figure within the world of graffiti for decades. He has made a name for himself by spray painting countless walls and trains. Since Nug started exhibiting his highly controversial work in 2009 a heated debate was raised in Sweden. Some art critics strongly disagree with his spontaneous, yet vandalistic approach. Others see his work as modern day action painting and describe him as Pollock with a spray can. In spite of this controversy (or because of it), Nug is exhibiting and selling his work in galleries all over the world.

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