HENNY OVERBEEK The sky takes notes when we speak, take #3

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artist: Henny Overbeek
title: The sky takes notes when we speak, take #3
year: 2017
medium: ball pen and etching on paper
size: ± 60 x 80 cm
shipped unframed

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In my work I try to play with clashing concepts of the collective, of media and social norms. Often the forefront of the works are politically charged moments of our recent history, sometimes ‘ dumbified’ sometimes made into icons!
My work is a melting pot of images and meanings, forming a world where obscure rituals go hand in hand with religion, art and language. From Drawing and painting to collage and publishing, the work lays bare the assumed gap between established art and elements of ( non ) western visual culture and trivia.
Materials and their connotations are of equal importance as the images merged into one work, leaving space for humor and absurdism

Henny Overbeek

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