HAIR VERTICAL / Pane (Stefano Monfeli)


title: Hair Vertical
artist: Pane (Stefano Monfeli)
year: 2013
medium: charcoal on paper
size: ± 50 x 65 cm

Why Style is a collective that emerged from the nineties graffiti movement in Rome. Their upcoming exhibition at Unruly Gallery in Amsterdam is called 'Street Fart'. This is their statement:

“We were writers and some people think that every ex-writer that makes art is a street artist. That is not the case. So, is the name 'Street Fart' a provocation to the street art world? Not entirely. We named our collective ‘Why Style’ because we love to question things. We like to have doubts. Our dogma is ‘always doubt’.”

Of the five artists (Pane, Joe, Nico, Stand, Scarful) featured at Unruly Gallery, the first three reside in Amsterdam and the other two in Rome. In the exhibition 'Street Fart' the artists present their latest work; sculptures, etchings, risographs and drawings on paper.

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