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title: Dergunlagh Sheep 75
artist: Ronan Dillon
year: 2022
medium: Agricultural spray paint on paper
size: ± 50 x 70 cm

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5 years ago Ronan Dillon moved to the west coast of Ireland from Dublin. One of the visual similarities he observed with the city and the country is the use of spray paint, by graffiti writers in the city and by sheep farmers in the country. The graffiti writers and the sheep farmers each have their own ‘tag’ and Dillon has been documenting these different tags on flocks of sheep around the west of Ireland.

Farmers paint on their sheep for ownership but they also paint symbols to indicate certain characteristics of each sheep. Dillon is particularly inspired by rogue or unruly sheep, which are often marked with an ‘X’. The rogues are the ones that are always getting out of fields into places they’re not supposed to be, like meadows, into crops or your neighbours garden.

These paintings are inspired by re-location and wildness while referencing ownership through mark-making and uninhibited, abstract painting.

Each painting is made with Agricultural sheep-marking spray paint. Fabriano, 285 gsm cotton paper, deckled edge on 2 sides is used for its edge which is similar to that of a woolly sheep. Signed, numbered and named after the precise location of the sheep so you can go and find your flock!


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