20th Century Rap Classics : Buttery Biscuits / Christopher Stead


title: 20th Century Rap Classics : Buttery Biscuits
artist: Christopher Stead
year: 2021
medium: 7 colour screen print on Satin White 410gsm Paper.
size: ± 55 X 75 cm // edition of 60.
Printed by Jealous Print Studio


The 20th Century Rap Classics series is curated in chronological order to document and index raps timeline. The Buttery Biscuits edition consists of 149 classics curated from 1988 - 1999 and highlights tapes from Stead's nostalgic collection, each with a hand-drawn graphic. Every set included can be traced back to an individual night, with most of the sets now uploaded for listening pleasure on Soundcloud.