121/183 / Boris Tellegen


We are delighted to present the latest book by Boris 'Delta' Tellegen. Published by Apaperbook and titled 121/183, this truly beautiful publication catalogs 761 photos of red-brown steel freight wagons with a painting on the side.

In the early 2010s, European graffiti pioneer Delta began painting freight trains as a one-time act for old times' sake. This initial act led to a second, and then a third, evolving into a small collection of paintings. The project adhered to specific restrictions: only white liquid paint and black spray paint were used, and only brown steel freight wagons were painted. The project spanned over ten years with the first painting being created and photographed in 2011, and the last one in 2023. Pick up a copy now by clicking HERE.

title : 121/183
author : Boris Tellegen
medium : Book
format : 256 pages. Two different papers, softcover with poster dust jacket
size : 23 x 30 cm
Publisher : APaperBook Publishing