Said Dokins

Dokins started doing graffiti and street interventions since the 90s. This experience led him to the School of Arts, where he was interested in conceptual art and the relation between art and writing. He did some studies of Philosophy and Art Theory. He has also done courses of traditional Western and Japanese calligraphy.

He is best known for his unique calligraphic style, which combines elements from Western and Asian Calligraphic Traditions, with pre-phonetic writing references, Mesoamerican Pre-Hispanic symbolic inheritance and Graffiti, combining precision and discipline with expressiveness and spontaneity.

Dokins explores formally, symbolically and philosophically the potentiality of words and letters. In his work, they become gestures, traces that overlap creating patterns, textures, narratives; marks that carve sites, drawing boundaries, producing meaning. In that sense, for Dokins calligraphy and graffiti are a way to understand our relations with language, an action that stresses time, space and memory, a political enunciation.

His artistic practice involves several disciplines and media such as calligraphy, graffiti, installation, performance, video art and light experimentation. His work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, in countries as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, United Kingdom, France, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, El Salvador, Peru and others.


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