Let There be light (69) / Henny Overbeek

Title : Let there be light (69)
Artist : Henny Overbeek
Year : 2021
Medium : Ball pen on museum board
Size : 10 x 30cm


Where does the mind float when we work ? Repeating movements, a banal choreography of simplicity. The body takes over, it takes care of business. The memory of cells and muscles. And the mind takes off, crossing multiple dimensions. The robotics of the insect reflected in our weak flesh. What happens in this absence? What is being written in this thoughtless zone? Pure lines? The script Below the narrative? The actual raw image ? Now we dont’t speak. It’s more quiet than before. There is also light, in the distance. The raw image doesn’t command. It just opens Doors, possibilities, cracks. Of course you move towards the light. There are things asking to be unveiled that never answer!

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