John Cejudo is a visual artist working between Berlin and Nice. "My practice of painting is a constant research. My work often interacts with different textures and surfaces as alternatives to the usual stretched canvas suspects. I focus on the tension and materiality found in the pictorial plane and i therefore consider painting as a mode of construction, not being attached to a particular form but rather to the condition of its emergence. In my practice I very regularly invoke chance by giving total freedom to the gesture, to the drive to do, to the spontaneity of interacting with the different materials and colours that I use.

This energy of work is very similar to which occurs during a musical improvisation and gives a big place for the affirmation of the gesture, the diverse and various accidents, incidents and experiences produced in the studio. I question the basis of the support and I play with it. I superimpose on the surface, while disturbing it, layers of large-meshed materials such as tarlatan and gauze with different types of canvas, tarpaulins and fabrics. I also carry out assemblies, collages that redefine, interact and also disturb the surface.

My studio practice, my experiments and research constantly produce residues, traces on materials, surfaces that provide information on actions and subsequent work and which generates uncontrolled shapes of an activity."


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