title: Funny Weather
artist: Jo Dennis
year: 2022
medium: Oil, acrylic, household and spray paint on found object; Army surplus tent, artists frame in reclaimed wood.
size: ± 80 x 100 cm


Jo Dennis is a British artist working and living in London. She studied Fine Art and Contemporary Critical Theory at Goldsmiths College London and is currently undertaking an MA Painting at Royal College of Art London. She is the co-founder of Asylum and AMP Gallery which are artist lead spaces in London. She is the co-founder and creative director of Peckham 24 an annual photography festival in its 5th year.

"I work across painting, photography, assemblage and installation. My research involves collecting and documenting places and objects which have been left to waste: I photograph abandoned buildings, I purchase second-hand items, I collect rubbish from the street, and respond to this material by incorporating painting and assemblage - In fact, you could say I am a hoarder.

Found objects and studio waste are catalysts for work that addresses our emotional connection to places, the transformation of surfaces and objects, and how this relates to temporality. The works I produce address themes related to home, shelter, memory, and mortality.

I aim to interrogate how a sense of belonging is realised in connection to ruination and dereliction. A great part of my focus is on the role paint plays in these places and processes and how this surface materiality and texture portrays the passing of time. I seek to amplify the sensibilities embodied in these structures, remnants, and residual materials in paint. "


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