Divided we Stand / Alistair Woods


Artist : Alistair Woods
Year : 2021
Medium :Oil paint, spray paint, leather dye, smoke, pastel and enamel pin badge on board
Size : 28 x 36 cm.


(b. 1991 Guildford, Britain) is an artist living and working in Manchester who has exhibited around the UK and a co-founder of Manchester based Depot Art Studios. Graduated in Fine Art (Hons) from Leeds Metropolitan University in 2013. Woods recently curated ‘Operations, Impact, Regulations” at PS Mirabel and is currently working towards an upcoming solo show at Gloam Gallery.

His minimal abstract paintings bring together references from every day and social observations, using a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials. The works address politics and underground subcultures with a nod to British sitcoms and personal sentiments.