title: Untitled
artist: Clélia Zida
year: 2017
medium: acrylic on canvas, varnished with MSA varnish w/UVLS
size: ± 48 x 48 cm

- - -

Clélia Zida (1980) is a French born artist based in Amsterdam since 2001. She graduated Cum Laude from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2005.

In her paintings Clélia Zida revisits the wide and diverse language of abstraction, using the motto “form is content”.
By employing mechanical gestures, repetitive structure, geometrical forms and constructivist abstraction in her composition process she conceptually refers in her works to 60’s abstract painting schools such as Hard-edge, opting for an abstraction of renunciation, like stated by Frank Stella” what you see is what you see”.

In her latest painting she has taken inspiration from textile patterns making.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions in the Netherlands and beyond.

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