Mantje / Adele Renault

title: Mantje
artist: Adele Renault
year: 2012
medium: oils on canvas
size: ± 60 x 80 cm

- - -

Portrait of artist Aldert Mantje. Mantje is a self-proclaimed genius, changes styles every year and stands somewhat alone in his opinion that he is exceptionally unique.

- - -

Adele Renault (1988) comes from a musical family in the Belgian Ardennes. At a young age she decided to travel and study the visual arts. As a teenager she did graffiti and oil painting, lived in Venezuela and Brighton, UK.

When she met Niels Shoe Meulman in 2009, Adele started combining her spray can skills with her realistic style. Ever since, the pair have been traveling and painting across the globe. In 2010 she graduated from the the Academie Royale des Beaux Arts in Brussels.

Adele Renault lives in Amsterdam where she works as an artist and graphic designer.

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