Belgrade Streets / MORCKY


title: Belgrade Streets
artist: Morcky
year: 2017
medium: 4 colour silk screen print on 250 grams Natural White paper
edition of 50
signed and numbered by the artist
size: ± 70 x 50 cm

Produced in collaboration with The Jaunt


“I started this journey with a heavy spirit. My life being shaken up during the last months by many changes, unexpected changes that consistently transformed the way I see my future. Travelling is a great way to get a different perspective on things, a new angle that can help through the everyday process of interpretation. I went on this trip totally open to swallow the unexpectedness, in order to perceive my feelings without preconceptions.

The openness of the people and their hospitality made the most impression on me, an art that seems to be long forgotten in modern, richer, Europe. Mix that with the cultural diversity, history, meat dishes, tall people, war holes, roughness, rain, and people’s will to have a good time, and that sums up my impressions of Belgrade. For my print I wanted to capture the feeling of a city that is in continuous change and evolution. Bringing together a lot of different architectural styles, from a scrappy worker house, passing through a 21st-century high-profile apartment, and ending up with an orthodox bell tower. All these elements brought together capture the flavour of what Belgrade is about right now. Change and innovation immersed in a rough past of mixed cultures.”